Sampling Site Coupler

  • Product Features: Natural rubber sleeve stopper allows sampling with a 22 gauge or smaller needle.
  • 96 / case
  • Part# 4C2405


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Sampling Site Coupler

The sampling site coupler is a crucial device used in sterile environments to aseptically extract samples from component bags. It plays a pivotal role, especially in blood processing procedures.
Specifically designed for blood component bags, this advanced coupler consists of two ports that can be readily accessed by removing the protective plastic covering.

To ensure the highest level of sterility, proper aseptic technique must be followed during the sampling process.
When using the sampling site coupler, it is essential to insert it into the opened ports using a rotating motion while maintaining a sterile environment. This rotational movement helps to create a secure and reliable connection between the coupler and the component bag.

Once the coupler is successfully connected, sterile needles can be safely inserted into the rubber septum. These needles are used to obtain samples in a completely sterile manner, ensuring the integrity and purity of the sample are maintained throughout the process.

The sampling site coupler is manufactured by Fenwal, a reputable company known for producing high-quality medical devices. This ensures not only the effectiveness of the coupler in sampling procedures but also its compliance with stringent safety and quality standards.

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