Plasma thawer FFP Sahara components warmer

  • Water bath for 3 plasma or pooled cryo precipitate
  • No required service mainetance
  • Consistent 37 centigrade
  • Documentation by protocol printer
  • Additional functions such as fusion warming available
  • Stainless steel collector of damaged bags
  • No weekly water changing
  • Rapid thawing of components
  • Display of thawing component from 29-37 centigrade



Plasma thawer FFP Sahara components warmer

Sahara-111 plasma thawer FFP for blood bank components. Plasma thawer has warming shaking plate for thawing and warming of up to 3 units. Plasma, cryo or FFP may be thawed with device. Infusion warmer may be purchased additionally to warm products such as test tubes or infusion solutions. For labs with massive transfusion  protocols a warming plate may be purchased to accelerate thawing process.

Perfect for any laboratory with minimal staffing that wants avoid weekly water bath changing. Other dry bath thawers require additionally purchased fluids that must be replaced. Sahara requires no maintenance.

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions13 × 19 × 19 in
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