Analytical Weighing Balance Lab Scale DX series

  • Upgraded Weighing Performance:  Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR) technology, fast response and stabilization, and automatic internal calibration.
  • Refined Control Panel: Enhanced graphical  interfaces significantly improve ease of use.
  • Space Saving:  A careful redesign of our weigh cell assemblies has allowed us to pack more technology into a  compact, 8 x 15 inch footprint.
  • ModelW3101A-120W3101A-220
    Capacity120 grams220 grams
    Readability0.0001 grams (0.1 mg)0.0001 grams (0.1 mg)
    Linearity± 0.2 mg± 0.2 mg
    Repeatability± 0.1 mg± 0.1 mg
     Pan size (Round) 80 mm80 mm
    Draft Shield yes, glassyes, glass
    Weighing Units g, mg, carats, oz, lbs, dwt, t oz, gn, %g, mg, carats, oz, lbs, dwt, t oz, gn, %
    CalibrationInternal Quick Cal and ExternalInternal Quick Cal and External
    Display Back Lit, Dot Matrix, LCD Back Lit, Dot Matrix, LCD
    Exterior Dims. 13.5  x 8.5 x 13 inches13.5  x 8.5 x 13 inches
    Product Weight13 Lbs. / 6 Kg13 Lbs. / 6 Kg
    Warranty2 Years2 Years


Available Options

SKUDescriptionPriceQuantity SubTotal
W3101A-1200.0001 grams (0.1 mg) Draft Shield with internal calibration SKU: W3101A-120 SKU: W3101A-120$1,923.00


W3101A-2200.0001 grams (0.1 mg) Draft shield with internal/external calibration SKU: W3101A-220 SKU: W3101A-220$2,261.00


Analytical Weighing Balance Lab Scale DX series

Analytical weighing balances with graphical displays have become essential tools in various industries that require precise measurement. These balances utilize electro force restoration technology, which ensures accurate and reliable weighing results.

One of the notable features of these balances is the option for both internal and external calibration. This allows users to calibrate the balance according to their specific requirements and ensures that the measurements are consistently accurate over time.

To provide optimal accuracy, these balances are equipped with a glass draft shield. This shield not only protects the weighing pan but also minimizes the impact of external factors, such as air currents, dust, and static electricity. The 80mm pan size provides ample space for measuring various substances and ensures that the weight is evenly distributed.

Whether used in a laboratory, pharmacy, or research facility, analytical weighing balances with graphical displays offer the precision and reliability needed for critical measurements. The graphical display provides a clear and easy-to-read representation of the measured weight, allowing users to quickly and accurately record their data.

Overall, the combination of electro force restoration technology, calibration options, and a glass draft shield makes these analytical weighing balances invaluable tools for any application where accurate measurement is paramount. They provide the confidence and precision necessary for precise scientific research, quality control, and other demanding scenarios.

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions15 × 10 × 15 in
Scale Selection

120 Gram, 220 Gram, Printer


Bench Mark Scientific

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