Blood Segment sampling Device – 1000/case – Segment Sampling Device -These sampling devices work as well as the hematypes but at a greater value. Indented top exterior for non-slip handling. The blood segment devices fit both 10mm and 12mm test tubes. Tubing easily fits into round feed opening for piercing. Enclosed  is a steel piercing needle  that never comes in contact with the blood banker.



Available Options

SKUDescriptionPriceQuantity SubTotal
BB4243500 Segment Openers$120.00


BB42431000 Segment Openers$195.00


Blood segment devices for opening segments from donor blood units. Blood segment devices are used to prevent blood exposure to medical technologist from opening segments from blood bag. The blood segment device is designed to be used with both 10 x 75mm and 12 x 75mm test tubes. Simply insert the blood piercing device into the top opening of the test tube. Then insert the segment into the the top of the tapered blood segment device and simply squeeze. The opening in the top of segment device is large enough to let segment in the housing for piercing but small enough to prevent exposure to the needle. The blood will safely exit the bottom of the device into the test tube for further testing.

One employee accident will cost a company thousands of dollars and leave the organization at risk for exposure.  The blood segment opener is a medical device that helps prevent work place exposure to blood born pathogens. This product used to be option for the technologist to use instead of scissors; but many labs are making them mandatory asset today to lower their liability.




Blood Tube Opener

500 Blood Segment Openers, 1000 Blood Segment Openers


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