BD 2002 series serofuge-centrifuge clay adams model

New Sero 12 Centrifuge Replacement Available!

  • Used*
  • Warranty
  • Specifically Designed for Blood Banks
  • Removable Rotor
  • Pre-programmed with set speed
  • Tough exterior
  • Ergonomically designed
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BD 2002 series serofuge designed by Becton Dickinson is specifically made for blood bank use. The centrifuge is considered by blood bankers as one of the best serofuge offered. The centrifuge features a light weight detachable rotor that holds 10-13 mm test tubes. Rotors light weight design allow the technician to easily pull rotor out of centrifuge for testing. The centrifuge may also be used manual cell washing or sero-diagnostic testing used in pre-transfusion medicine.

Generally the BD 2002 series serofuge is used only for grading 10 or 12mm glass culture tubes used in blood bank procedures. 13mm collection tubes may be spun down as well but red cells will be at a angle after centrifugation. Aluminium rotor is recommended for initial cell seperation.

Centrifuge may be set to 2 different speeds speeds depending on application of use. The lower speed is used for removing fibrin participial’s in old anti-sera or stroma.  The higher speed is used specifically for agglutination grading.

The provided plastic rotor is generally used for culture tubes. A steel rotor may be purchased for initial separation of collection tubes but one may need to consult manufactures centrifuge speed before using. New Sero 12 is offered as replacement for Clay Adams Serofuge.



Becton Dickinson 2002, BD 2000 Series Rotor "new"

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