Blood Bank Gel Centrifuge



SKU: AS-10030-00

Capacity: 12 Gel Cards
Speed Range: 800~1800rpm
Centrifugal Force:54~272g

The TD2-12 ID-Centrifuge holds automatic balance control and user can set speed and centrifugation time. It can be suitable many types ID-CARDS from different manufacturers.
1. Capacity: 12 Gel cards
2. Speed: Two stages (It can be vairable according to user need)
3. Max Speed: 1800rpm
4. Centrifugal Force: 54~272g
4. Timer: 1~20min
5. Power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 85W
6. Dimensions: DxWxH=440x340x170 mm
7. Weight: 7.0kg

1. Silent centrifuge for up to12 ID-cards.
2. Removable and exchangeable spinning head
3. Automatic balance control
4. Pre-defined centrifugal parameters for optimum Cards processing; acceleration, speed, braking and time
5. Digital interface visor control and visualization of centrifuge speed and time remaining for processing
6. Programmable audible alarms for end of centrifuge time periods



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Blood Bank Gel Centrifuge

Blood bank gel centrifuge is a piece of equipment used in medical laboratories and blood banks for antibody screening and blood type testing. It is specifically designed to ensure accurate and reliable results in these critical diagnostic procedures.

With its advanced technology, the gel card centrifuge allows for quick and efficient grading. Gel cards are considered easier to observe than solid phase strips. By using gel-based cards, the centrifuge enables the identification and differentiation of antibodies present in the patient’s serum. This process is crucial for determining blood compatibility, identifying potential transfusion reactions, and ensuring the safety of blood transfusions.

The centrifuge operates at a controlled speed and incorporates precise timing mechanisms to ensure consistent and reproducible test results. By carefully spinning the gel cards, the centrifuge combines patient or manufacturer serum and reds. This “lock and key” process help to identify and detect the presence of specific antibodies. Antigens are identified by diluting patient red cells to gel card manufacturer specifications. Experienced technicians may also visually dilute the patient red cells depending on sample hematocrit.

Additionally, the gel card centrifuge is designed with user-friendly features to simplify its operation. It includes a digital display for easy monitoring of time and speed settings, as well as intuitive controls for adjusting these parameters. Gel card centrifuge has a compact and space-saving design to fit seamlessly onto laboratory benchtop. Rotor is designed for 12 cards verses a serofuge that holds 12 tubes.

Blood bank gel centrifuge plays a critical role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of antibody screening and antigen testing. Its advanced technology, precise separation capabilities, and user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool for scientist working in blood banks and research laboratories worldwide.

Weight15.2 lbs
Dimensions13.38 × 17.32 × 6.69 in
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