Hand Held RF Tube Sealer

MS 500M Tube Sealer Brochure

  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Part# 87.7708.860
  • Compact System
  • High Capacity
  • Easily replaceable battery Pack
  • Sealing Completion Indicator Lamp
  • Easy Separation of Tube Segments
  • Sealing Head Protection Cover
  • Quick Sealing


Hand held RF tube sealer is for creating segments or separating plastic tubing on blood units. Perfect for hospitals or collection centers. Sealer may be used for mobile collections. Easily detach used bags when making components  or use to separate tubing when preparing aliquotes in pediatrics.

Sealer is easy to use and clean. Top of sealer may removed for sanitizing. Unit has rechargeable battery for mobile use during blood drives. Sealer prevents phlebotomist from using steel clips on tubing of blood bags after collection. Steel clips often do not hold or cut blood bags while centrifuging.

RF tube sealer hand held, is attached to long cord that allows technician to move easily  while processing blood units. Sealer has light indicator that lets technician know when segment is complete. Technician simply inserts plastic tubing and squeezes sealer to make indicator light activate.  Light deactivates when segment is complete.



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