Dry Bath Incubators w/ Heat Block

When a blood bank is considering purchasing a dry bath incubator with heat block, they must carefully evaluate the work flow and available space in the laboratory. Dry bath incubators are generally the preferred choice for blood banks. Incubators generally have option of 20 to 80 wells. Dry bath Incubators usually are small enough to fit on a bench top. However, larger testing laboratories may need to take into account the option of using dry environmental chambers which can simultaneously incubate multiple test tubes. Moreover, these environmental incubator chambers can also incubate solid phase strips. By having the capability to incubate multiple items, the laboratory can potentially save valuable space and avoid the need for additional incubators. Consequently, considering the ability of environmental chambers to incubate multiple tests makes it a crucial option for more complex reference laboratories.

The heat block incubator is used only for test tubes, but the space requirements allow the technologist to use it at the bench. The temperature variations are usually less  in heat blocks since no door is open that dissipates heat. Dry bath incubators have a lid option that enables more incubating conformity.

There is a lower chance of accidents since the tested product does not have to be moved from the bench. This is why dry bath incubators are the preferred choice for blood banks. The heat block incubator’s sole purpose is to heat test tubes while also offering the convenience of being able to place it on the bench. It ensures that there are minimal temperature variations, thanks to the absence of an open door that would let heat escape. Additionally, the heat block reduces the likelihood of accidents as the tested product can remain on the bench throughout the process.

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