Blood Segment Tube Stripper| Automatic

Product description

Order number87.7709.025
Product descriptionElectronic tube stripper for blood bag tubing AST-2S with auto-stop function, instructions for use and transport case

Product characteristics

Supply voltage100-240V/ 50-60Hz
Power consumption during operation20 Watt


Width of product47 mm
Length of product225 mm

Purity & certification

Product in accordance with MDD or IVDDNo marking necessary
Certificate of conformityYes
CE certifiedCE


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Blood Segment Tube Stripper| Automatic

Blood segment tube stripper with optional battery pack. Tube striper works by inserting tubing between rollers on the distal end of tubing. Tube striper forces air out of the blood segment by squeezing segment air towards the blood bag. Automatic strippers may be plugged in or used with an optional battery. Perfect for components lab or mobile collection drive. Speeds up production by enabling blood collectors to spend less time stripping. Stripping blood tubes requires a technician to squeeze a hand stripper while rolling stripper over tubing. This process is repetitive and non ergonomic over time.

Product Selection

AST-2 Tube Striper, AST-2 Battery, AST-2 Charger

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