Plasma Expresser manual components production

  • Plasma Expressor
  • Part# 4R4414
  • Mechanical Accessory for Transferring of Plasma to the satellite bags.
  • Suitable to extract blood components (Plasma and platelets) from all types of Blood Bag systems available in the market.
  • Front panel spring loaded o exert uniform pressure on plastic blood bags for transfer of blood components.
  • Compression plate made of durable transparent acrylic material 8 mm thick.
  • Metal used for equipment non-corrosive and can be cleaned with disinfectant.
  • Base and vertical portion of the equipment body powder coated and sturdy enough to hold the blood bags in vertical position.
  • Compartment provided at the back to contain satellite bags.
  • Light embedded in the acrylic plate to ensure a view of complete transfer of plasma (Optional).



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Plasma Expresser manual components production

Plasma Expressor

Plasma expressor for components production is crucial equipment in the preparation of plasma for various medical and scientific purposes.

To initiate the process, the technologist will carefully press down the spring-loaded lever to the open position, allowing for the subsequent steps of the procedure. The lever of the plasma expressor is then held open with a pivoting bracket, providing stability and control during the extraction process.

The next critical step involves the lab technician inserting the centrifuged unit of whole blood into the opening of the plasma expresser. It is imperative to ensure that the blood unit is not inverted during this delicate maneuver, as maintaining the integrity of the blood unit is essential for the success of the plasma extraction process.

Once the unit is securely inserted, the cannula on the top of the unit is carefully broken to allow the extraction of plasma. This meticulous step requires care and precision to ensure the proper removal of plasma from the blood unit. As the plasma begins to flow out of the top into a separate bag, the lever is released to facilitate the continuous extraction process.

Upon completion of the plasma extraction from the original bag, the technician will then press down the lever again to cease the flow of plasma from the blood bag.

The attention to detail and precision required in each step of the plasma extraction process to prevent blood mixed with plasma.


Fenwal Fresenius Kabi

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