The Temp-Check (Model TC-12) thermometer determines the temperature of small blood bags or containers in seconds. Designed for hospital or laboratory use, it measures the temperature of plasma, red blood cells or other materials that are placed on the sensing pad. This non-invasive instrument allows personnel to determine if blood or plasma is at the right temperature for transfusion, or if it safe to return to stock at the blood bank.

Rechargeable battery backup included.
Supplied complete with calibrated sensor, 9V NiMH rechargeable battery back-up and UL listed
low voltage power supply w/10’ cord, 120-200V/1/50-60, 2-prong U.S. configuration.
A certificate of calibration is shipped with each TC-12 TEMP-CHECK.



Blood bag temperature check rapidly detects temperature of blood or plasma when unit is received or returned. Blood components units temperature must be monitored or checked before receiving into the lab.

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