Blood Bag Unit Holder

  • Holds 2000 ml or less
  • 150 Each/Case
  • SKU: 4R4413P


Blood Bag Unit Holder

Introducing the convenient and reliable blood bag unit holder, designed specifically for transfusion testing labs. This robust holder ensures seamless organization and secure containment of blood units, accommodating sizes up to a generous 2000 ml. Crafted from sturdy and transparent plastic material, this innovative solution provides a clear view of plasma or red blood cells (RBCs) during the testing process.

With its user-friendly design, the blood bag unit holder streamlines the workflow in any lab setting. It offers a practical solution for managing and safeguarding blood units, ensuring they are easily accessible when needed during testing. The transparency of the holder allows for quick identification and monitoring of the sample, facilitating efficient testing and analysis.

Designed with both functionality and safety in mind, this holder minimizes the risk of contamination or mishandling. It provides a hygienic and protective environment for blood units, safeguarding their integrity and facilitating accurate test results. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, ensuring that labs can rely on this essential tool for their transfusion testing needs.

In conclusion, the blood bag unit holder is an indispensable accessory for transfusion testing labs. Its practical design, coupled with its capacity to securely accommodate blood units of varying sizes, makes it an invaluable asset for any laboratory. Experience enhanced organization, efficiency, and safety with this reliable solution, designed to meet the demanding requirements of the modern medical field.


Fenwal Fresenius Kabi

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