Blood Bag Tubing Clips

  • Create a hermetic seal of the tubing. 1000/ Case
  • SKU: 4R4418
  • Manufacturer: Fenwal


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Blood bag tubing clips, also known as clamps or closures, are an indispensable tool used in the donor processing stage of blood transfusion. These clips play a vital role in ensuring the safety and integrity of the donated blood as it is collected and prepared for transfusion.

Designed to be manually applied, blood bag clips provide a secure seal to the tubing of blood bags, preventing any leakage or contamination. Clips are made of high-quality, non-toxic stainless steel.

The application of these clips requires applying a small force with a crimper. Donor bag clips are carefully positioned on the tubing, squeezing it tightly to form an airtight seal. This ensures that the collected blood remains uncontaminated and protected from external factors throughout the processing and transportation stages.

They contribute to the overall efficiency of the blood collection process. Clips also help to maintain the quality and safety of the donated blood. By securely sealing and overlapping tubing, these clips minimize the risk of air entering the system, preventing potential clotting or spoilage of the valuable blood product.

Clips are less expense than a blood bag tube sealer. Donor clips are ideal for mobile collection drives.



Fenwal Fresenius Kabi

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