Micro Plate Shaker| 4 Position

Digital speed control up to 1500 rpm 3mm orbit for thorough mixing in microplates Includes platform for up to 4 microplates Cold room and incubator safe Optional adapters for mixing microtubes    


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Micro Plate Shaker| 4 Position

Micro plate shaker is a valuable tool in many scientific laboratories as it provides efficient and reliable mixing of samples in micro plates. Specifically, a micro plate shaker that can hold 4-96 well micro plates offers versatility and convenience for various experimental setups.

With the ability to accommodate multiple micro plates simultaneously, this type of shaker allows researchers to save time and effort by mixing several samples at once. Whether it is in the field of molecular biology, biochemistry, or clinical research, this instrument plays a crucial role in facilitating numerous applications such as enzyme assays, cell-based assays, or plate-based drug screening.

The design of a micro plate shaker ensures efficient and thorough mixing by utilizing orbital, linear, or combination motion. These motions help to achieve the desired level of homogeneity in the samples, ensuring that all wells of the micro plates are thoroughly mixed. Additionally, some advanced models come equipped with adjustable speed and time settings, allowing researchers to optimize shaking parameters based on their specific protocols.

The construction of a micro plate shaker is typically robust and sturdy, ensuring durability and stability during operation. The shaking motion is gentle enough to prevent spillage or splashing of the samples while providing adequate mixing. Furthermore, most micro plate shakers are equipped with a lid or clamps to secure the micro plates in place, preventing any accidental displacement or damage to the samples.

In conclusion, a micro plate shaker capable of holding 4-96 well micro plates is an essential tool for laboratories dealing with high-throughput experiments. It offers efficiency, reliability, and convenience, enabling researchers to perform various assays and screenings with ease. Its versatility and user-friendly features make it an indispensable asset in the realm of scientific research.

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions15 × 13 × 6 in

Bench Mark Scientific

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