Clay Adams Serofuge centrifuge 2000 series
clay adams serofuge

Designed for washing and agglutination procedures, the BD Clay Adams Sero-Fuge 2000 Series is replaced by the SERO 12. Centrifuge combines first class quality with a cost effective price and it makes a dependable and reliable addition to the excellent range of BD Centrifuge products.

Designed by the highly respected Becton Dickson, the Clay Adams serofuge centrifuge 2000 is a neatly designed, compact serofuge with very easy to use controls. The clearly laid out control panel offers precise, touch-control buttons for the accurate setting of run time and speed. The easy to read digital display clearly indicates the speed and the time that has been set.

The Clay Adams Serofuge 2000 is 17″ x 13″ x 12″ and weighs 28 lbs, so its compact design means that the centrifuge will sit easily on even the smaller sized work bench.

The 2002 model has a dual speed, extremely quiet motor, which can be set to operate at either 21400 or 3400 RPM. Centrifuge is set to run at 3400 RPM. Centrifuge allows glass culture tubes to be spun at a force of 1000g, which is the generally accepted ideal force for use when agglutination grading. The centrifuge can be run at 2400 when it is being used for the removal of stroma after washing or elution. Manual cell washing may be performed by turning upside down the rotor and twisting or “decanting”  the test tubes. The test tubes are kept in place simply by wrapping a rubber band around the top of all the test tubes that are inserted in the rotor before decanting. The technologist may decant 1-4 test tubes at a time also. Automatic cell washers have replaced this method in  large laboratories but is still used today in smaller blood banks.

The Clay Adams Sero-fuge is equipped with a accurate, easy to read, digital display allows the precise setting of run time and then, during the run, it counts down and displays the run time that remains. Once the pre-set time has been reached the Clay Adams serofuge automatically releases the lid . The large, dome shape of the lid has been designed in such a way that samples of over 100mm tall may be centrifuged. There is also a gasket in the lid, which prevents any splashing from samples during a run, and it also prevents samples being disturbed when the lid is being closed.

The Clay Adams Serofuge centrifuge 2000 comes complete with a very useful 12-place plastic, 45° angled rotor that can accommodate blood sample tubes of up to 13.7mm.

The fixed and detachable rotor makes the Clay Adams serofuge an ideal piece of lab equipment for the busy laboratory. Instead of having to load each test tube one at a time, a technician can greatly speed up the process by simply loading the whole centrifuge head instead, with the test tubes already in place. The rotor is also very easy to remove, which is ideal for dropping reagents and it can also be used for the initial separation of collection tubes. Once the centrifuge head has been removed, cleaning it becomes very easy. There is also a solid steel centrifuge head, which can be purchased separately, for use in the initial separation of pink-top rest tubes and hematocrits.

For pricing and for questions regarding the used Clay Adams Serofuge centrifuge 2000 series, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note:

It is essential that the optimum centrifuge time is determined based on the controlled reactions of the cells and the reagents with known agglutination grades. This is the best method to determine the desired cell button. Technician must perform quality controll of reagents using manufactures procedures.


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