centra cell washer

Centra cell washer is a revolutionary device designed decrease the amount of time required to wash blood cells for agglutination grading. This cutting-edge technology is a must for large blood banks and medical laboratories, providing a hassle-free solution for decanting cells after incubating for the AHG phase or DAT’s.

The Sorvall CW2 plus cell washer interface allows blood bank technologists to easily set the program to the desired number of wash cycles. Central cell washer decants tubes automatically compared to manual serofuges. Operating the unit is as simple as loading the rotor, shutting the cover, and pressing the start key. Gone are the days of laborious manual washing protocols – CW2 Cell Washer automates the process, ensuring standardized and consistent procedures that eliminate variations and yield reproducible results.

Cell washer greatest advantage is it’s completely automated blood cell washing systematic functionality. The device is equipped with automated alerts that signal when the saline level is low, offering peace of mind and minimizing the risk of errors. Additionally, the unit alerts users when a run is complete, allowing for efficient workflow management.

Cell washer simplify operation and streamline processes, but it also offers a range of other noteworthy features. The touch pad controls and digital display make it incredibly easy to navigate and monitor the washing cycles. The device’s time-saving automatic wash cycle ensures efficient and effective cell washing without the need for constant manual intervention. Furthermore, the CW2 Cell Washer provides replaceable tube holders, allowing for convenient loading of tubes or easy maintenance and cleaning of the cell washer.

Cell Washer excels with it’s compact and designed that fits neatly on any lab bench, optimizing space utilization. The brushless motor ensures years of trouble-free use, offering long-term reliability and performance. The pump tubing is easy to clean and can be conveniently replaced when necessary, while the corrosion-free plastic housing contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the device.

Centra Cell Washer delivers unmatched convenience, efficiency, and reliability in the field of blood cell washing. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it an essential tool for blood banks and medical laboratories seeking to streamline their processes and achieve consistently excellent results.

  • CAPACITY 12 or 24 TUBES – 12MM X 75MM OR 10MM X 75MM
  • TUBES MAX. RCF 1200 X G MAX.
  • VOLTAGE 100/120/240V HERTZ 60HZ
  • TIMER 0 TO 999 SE



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