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We supply RH View Box, Centrifuges, Serofuge, Blood Segment Device, Pipettes, Agglutination viewers, Heat Blocks, Tube strippers and other specialty laboratory devices. Founded by lab technologist to help technicians and lab managers find lab products that are used every day. We stock lab products for hospitals, schools and manufacturing reference laboratories. Your time is valuable so we have combined many lab supplies into one source. If your lab performs centrifugation, incubating, cold chain storage, antibody screens, precise weighing or uses anagrams you have came to the correct place. Find products that are used in today’s medical labs.

Features of our blood bank product

Products for all Laboatory needs

All the lab instruments that are necessary for any testing related purposes we offer here. Blood Depot Inc. is one genuine supplier of best quality equipment. Water bath, Heat Block, Serofuge, RH View Box, Agglutination Viewer, dry bath incubator, balances you name them and we have that in our store. You don’t need to visit various stores for these products since you can find them under a single roof for lab supplies.

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