Tube Agglutination viewer
Becton Dickinson agglutination viewer for reading abo rh’s, mixed fields, cross matches and macro DAT’s.

  • Illuminates tube contents with a bright 5W bulb (included) from above and a magnifying mirror from below
  • Goose neck arm allows you to position light at an ergonomic angle
  • Magnetic mount for fast and stay-put positioning


Available Options

SKUDescriptionPriceQuantity SubTotal
420630Becton Dickinson " Clay Adams" agglutination viewer Part# 420630$750.00


BB-BULB-CLAY2 Replacement bulbs for Becton Dickinson "Clay Adams" agglutination viewer Part# BB-BULB-CLAY$28.00


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Tube Agglutination viewer for use in blood banks to grade agglutination test.  The Becton Dickison test tube viewer is the standard type of viewing apparatus used for all agglutination test in blood banks such as forward and reverse typing and antigen typing. Becton Dickison (BD) offers this viewer under the Clay Adams product line. The agglutination viewer is equipped with a xenon lamp bulb and concave mirror for detailed viewing of both the top and bottom of the test tube. The mirror is held to the lamp assembly using a magnet. The magnet enables the mirror to be easily adjusted to the technologist viewing preference.


BD Agglutination Viewer Brochure_0001

Agglutination Viewer

Clay Adams Agglutination Viewer, Replacement Bulb


Clay Adams

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