Plasma Carton Container-Fenwal

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Plasma Carton Container-Fenwal

Plasma carton containers are specially designed for storing frozen plasma. These containers come in the form of boxes with a front opening that allows for observation. This unique feature enables medical professionals to monitor the condition and quality of the plasma without having to open the container.

The front opening of the plasma carton box provides a convenient way to assess the plasma’s appearance, ensuring that it remains suitable for use in medical procedures. This observation window helps healthcare providers to easily check for any discoloration, cloudiness, or other signs that could indicate potential issues with the plasma sample.

The design of the plasma carton container aims to maintain the integrity and safety of the stored plasma. By minimizing the need to open the container, the risk of contamination or exposure to external elements is significantly reduced. This is crucial since plasma is a valuable resource used in various life-saving treatments and requires careful handling and storage.

In addition to the front opening, plasma carton containers often feature secure closures to ensure that the box remains tightly sealed and protected. This helps to preserve the plasma’s temperature and prevent any temperature fluctuations that might affect its quality.

Overall, plasma carton containers provide a reliable and efficient solution for the storage of frozen plasma. The combination of a front opening for observation and robust protective features makes these containers essential tools for the safe and effective management of this vital medical resource.

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions16 × 8 × 2 in

Fenwal Fresenius Kabi

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