Digital Water Bath w/ display for laboratory

  • Digital interface
  • Clear removable lid
  • Quick Calibration
  • Tough Exterior
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Supplied in 115 or 220V


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Digital Water Bath w/ display for laboratory

The Bench Mark digital water bath is designed specifically for use in laboratories that need precise surfaces to area ratio during testing that water incubation provides. Digital water baths are superior quality, high precision, pieces of laboratory equipment that are easy to use and extremely reliable.

The Benchmark MyBath series of digital water bath is available in four different sizes; 2L, 4L, 8L and 12L, so there is a model to suit every application and every size of laboratory.

The 4, 8 and 12 liter models in the series have a user friendly, easy to use digital user interface with a three digit display that can be fine adjusted in 0.1ºC* increments. The 2L model has a 2-digit display, which enables that bath to be controlled in increments of 1.0C. Benchmark digital water baths also include a proprietary system that allows for simple, in-laboratory calibration.

Benchmark MyBath water baths have extremely high efficiency insulation. They are equipped with a hard wearing, thick coated exterior that ensures that temperature uniformity and stability are maintained at all times. The tough exterior also ensures that the outside housing of the bath remains cool to the touch. The lower water temperature variances of ± 5ºC* that are provided by these water baths gives a high quality when the baths are used for incubating applications.

All the baths in this range feature high quality, durable stainless steel chambers, which are seamless, rust resistant, and they have no awkward to reach corners in which contamination and dirt would otherwise accumulate. The steel chambers are also very easy to clean.

The larger of the units, the 8L and 12L models, have drains that make weekly maintenance a lot easier. The 4L, 8L, and 12L and units have a transparent, hinged cover that can be easily removed, or that can be flipped back on their hinges to save bench space. The lids of the water baths have a gabled design that diverts condensation away from the samples to the back and front perimeters of the bath to preserve the samples’ integrity.

The Benchmark 4L MyBath digital water bath comes complete with test tube racks for 1.5/2.0ml, 15ml and 50 ml tubes, so it is immediately ready to use. The full range of racks for 1.5/2.0ml, 15ml and 50 ml tubes is also available for the 8L and 12L MyBath units.

The well designed digital water bath provides laboratories with the convenience and flexibility that they need. The clear and easy to use controls allow the user to accurately select and monitor the temperature. The hinged lids, which can simply be flipped open or removed completely, provide a covered and secure environment. The tough exterior of the units is designed for durability as well as temperature stability and uniformity, and the rust resistant stainless steel interior helps make cleaning a simple task. The Quick-Cal system makes in-lab calibration easy and all the units have a surprisingly small footprint too, which means that they won’t take up too much space, even in the smaller laboratory.


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