Centrifuge Stat Processing| Drucker Diagnostics

  • Programmable settings that can be set to your validated cycles
  • 3 settings for STAT chemistry, coag, and pediatric tubes or others
  • The centrifuge can be restricted to a single setting to prevent errors
  • Lid lighting keeps you informed visually of the centrifuge status (ready, running, done)
  • No forgotten tubes in the centrifuge: lid lights keep flashing until the lid is opened
  • 75 to 125 mm (0.5 mL to 50 mL) tubes require no change of rotor or tube holder
    1. Label tubes in phlebotomy instead of in a lab
    2. Use colored bags for STAT
    3. Eliminate tube waiting time
    4. For a more continuous flow, use an array of smaller centrifuges
    5. Centrifuge in accessioning area
    6. Reduce spin time by increasing G-force



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Centrifuge Stat Processing| Drucker Diagnostics

Centrifuge stat processing dash series is manufactured by Drucker Diagnostics. Centrifuges require no change of rotors for different applications. Centrifuge may be used for chemistry or hematology or other laboratory uses. Centrifuge is available in 6, 12, or 24 tube capacity.

Centrifuge Selection

Dash Apex 6 Centrifuge, Dash Apex 12 Centrifuge, Dash Flex 12 Centrifuge, Dash Apex 24 Centrifuge, Dash Coag Centrifuge, Dash Flex 24 Centrifuge

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