Absorbance absorbance reader

  • Intuitive, 7 inch color touch screen control panel
  • Filter based system with wavelength range from 340 to 750nm
  • Operates as a stand alone system, with USB flash drive drive for data transfer
  • Absorbance range: 0.0 to 4.000 Abs 
  • 8 channel vertical optical path, with zero dispersion
  • Integrated, multi-speed plate shaker
  • MR9600-T  features temperature controlled plate incubation
  • Model
    Accuris SmartReader 96
    Control and Display
    7 inch touch screen
    (800 x 480 pixels)
    Light Source
    Quartz-halogen lamp 6V/10W
    Wavelength range
    340-750nm (405, 450, 492
    and 630 nm filters included)
    Half-Bandwidth of filters
    Readout Range
    0~4.000 Abs
    Linearity (405nm)
    0~2.000 Abs <+1%
    0~4.000 Abs <+2%
    CV</= 0.2% (0-3) Abs
    CV</= 01.0% (3-4) Abs
    Test Speed
    <6 sec. for 96 well plate
    Incubator (MR9600-T)
    Temp control from ambient +5°C to 50°C
    3 modes: slow, medium, fast
    User Interface
    Integrated software,
    touch screen control
    200 programs,
    100,000 test records
    USB ports for PC, printer,
    mouse and flash drive
    29.5 x 44.0 x 22.5 cm
    11.6 x 17 x 8.75 inches
    10 kg


Available Options

SKUDescriptionPriceQuantity SubTotal
MR9600Accuris SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader, includes 405, 450, 492 and 630nm filters, 115V$4,700.00


MR9600-TAccuris SmartReader 96 with incubation, includes 405, 450, 492 and 630nm filters, 115V$5,000.00


Absorbance absorbance reader

Absorbance reader for measuring wavelength in samples.  Measures wavelength of 96 well micro plates using selected filters. Designed for ELISA and Protein Assays. Wave length absorbance reader has LCD touch screen and USB storage drive. Spectroscope measures 340nm to 750nm. Absorbance wave length reader is sold with 4 popular filter sizes: 630, 492, 450, 405nm. Other additional filter sizes are sold in the range of 340nm to 750nm. Filter wheel allows for 8 different absorbance filters to be loaded at once. 2 absorbance filters may be used simultaneously to measure the same plate.



Smart Reader Selection

MR9600, MR9600-T


Bench Mark Scientific

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