Sterile Blood Tube Welder

Material:ABS+ Stainless Steel Alloy
Weight:31 Lbs
Screen:10 inch
Features:Sterile Welding of PVC-PVC, EVA-EVA.
Welding Type:Dry-Dry, Dry-Wet, Wet-Dry
Certificates:CE MDR Class I certified, FDA 510(K) approved.


Available Options

SKUDescriptionPriceQuantity SubTotal
STW6810-CASSETTECassette for STW6810 Tube Welder Capacity: 300 Tube Welds$481.00


STW6810-RFIDSterile Welding of PVC-PVC, EVA-EVA. 1 Cassette (300 Tube Welds) Original price was: $14,488.00.Current price is: $13,488.00.


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Sterile tube welder is a sophisticated piece of equipment that combines blood tubing with cassette wafers. With precision, the technologist aligns the tubing into its designated slots. The subsequent step necessitates the loading of the sterile welder. The technologist then engages the lever, firmly securing the tubing in place.

Upon activation of the sterile docker, triggered by a press of the proficiently designed button, a subtle yet discernible hum is observed. After activation one slot moves up as another slot moves down, facilitating the precise sealing and integration of the tubing.

In accordance with stringent quality protocols, the blood tube welder sustains an optimal level of sterility, assuring the integrity and maintenance of the utmost quality in the blood products being prepared, such as aliquots and cryoprecipitate.

Throughout this operation, the sterile tube welder dutifully fulfills its purpose, proficiently heating wafers to guarantee the secure and aseptic fusion of the tubing necessary for the production of vital blood components. Comprehensively designed and meticulously engineered, this innovative technology streamlines components production.

Sterility and the seamless execution of the tubing connection process exemplify the precision design by tireless safeguarding patient well-being. The utilization of the advanced sterile tube welder empowers techs to in the knowledge that the tubing connections are both secure and devoid of contamination.



Sterile Tube Welder, 300 Capacity Weld Cassette


BMS Blood Care

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