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The blood segment openers is different from the hema-type segment device and in the fact that one can see where the devices is inserted. Another advantage is they are cheaper than other segment openers. 12 x 75 is the standard size used when receiving blood and washing blood so these are an ideal product. The Tube Segment Opener offers a considerable advantage when it comes to safety and hygiene in cross sampling laboratories. This segment opener is made to go into 12 x 75 test tubes. It alleviates the risk associated with blood born pathogens by not using scissors to cut segments to get blood out. Gently insert segment into top of tube segment opener with straw colored portion of segment facing upward. Squeeze segment starting from the top to the bottom.

Product Selection

500-12mm Segment Opener, 2000-12mm Segment Opener, 500-10mm Segment openers, 2000-10mm Segment Openers

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