Agglutination Viewer/ Fisher Scientific

Provides a bottom view of test tube agglutination. Lights up test tubes using a 5-watt bulb. Flexible neck allows manipulation of the 5-watt bulb. For reading forward and reverse typing, DAT’s, and solid phase strips. 

  • Designed for use in blood typing, cross matching, antigen typing, titers and other agglutinations, flocculation, and serodiagnostic tests
  • ON/OFF Button
  • Goose neck allow movable light source
  • Voltage Input: 120V 60 Hz, 18w
  • 1-5 weeks Delivery Time


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Fisher Agglutination Viewers  are equipped with a mirror and light source for antigen typing donor’s and recipients. The adjustable mirror allows the technologist to view the front and back of the specimen simultaneously. Technologist use agglutination viewers to find mixed fields, rouleaux and ABO discrepancies from cold agglutens. The blood banker simply holds the centrifuged test tube under the light source and over mirror to view both sides of the test tube simultaneously. They are  our best sellers and most widely used in labs for performing blood type test.


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