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Paid Blood Donations

The process of blood donation plays a crucial role in saving lives and is vital in medical treatments and manufacturing. Please contact your local donation center for more information. The two primary methods of blood donation, apheresis and phlebotomy, each have specific protocols and applications to get paid. Phlebotomy, the traditional method of blood donation, […]

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CAP (College of American Pathologists) has recently implemented a new regulation stating that all blood products that are returned must have their temperature taken. This updated requirement has eliminated the previous 30-minute rule, which aimed to assess the viability of the blood products. While ensuring the safety and quality of blood products is of utmost


Blood Bank Equipment

Blood Bank equipment depot specializes in providing high-quality laboratory supplies for a wide range of blood testing needs. Our extensive inventory includes an array of essential and state-of-the-art instruments meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern medical laboratories. One of our popular offerings is the RH View Box, an indispensable tool for examining

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