Blood Typing Discrepancies

Reverse blood typing discrepancies of patients is often due to various problems.  Often I see medical technologist assume that the patients has an cold auto such anti A1 for A patients or anti M. This assumption is usually wrong. The problem for most reverse typing discrepancies is usually rouleaux or not pre-warming. *Some facilities SOP’s …

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CAP (College of American Pathologists) has recently implemented a new regulation stating that all blood products that are returned must have their temperature taken. This updated requirement has eliminated the previous 30-minute rule, which aimed to assess the viability of the blood products. While ensuring the safety and quality of blood products is of utmost …


Blood Bank Equipment

Blood Bank equipment depot specializes in providing high-quality laboratory supplies for a wide range of blood testing needs. Our extensive inventory includes an array of essential and state-of-the-art instruments meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern medical laboratories. One of our popular offerings is the RH View Box, an indispensable tool for examining …

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