Mini Vortex

MINI VORTEX for Research & Medical laboratory


  • Accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes.
  • Extremely compact mixer
  • Horizontally circular, orbital mixing motion
  • Pressure activated operation
  • 4 inches in diameter
  • Available in five color choices
  • Free sipping in 48 states




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Product Description

Mini Vortex Mixer is a tiny giant specifically designed for mixing test tubes. Simply push the tube into the soft attachment to start shaking. Shaking stops as soon as you lift out the test tube.  Full containers of 50mL can be activated for mixing instantly! The unit operates at a fixed speed of 2,800 rpm with an orbital diameter of 4 inches. Mini Vortex may be used for various lab test that require mixing such as serological titers.

Remarkably small footprint – just 4 inch diameter – and compact structure are perfect for the limited spaces of bench tops and fume hoods.

This mini vortex is maintenance-free is exempt from most QC programs unless taken apart.

Additional Information


grey, blue, red, purple, green


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