Hettich Centrifuge Rotor

Hettich Centrifuge Rotor


  • Fits Hettich EBA 280 Centrifuge
  • Holds 12 test tubes
  • FDA approved
  • 5 year warranty
  • Removable plastic inserts

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Product Description

The Hettich centrifuge rotor holds 12 tubes that will fit 12 x 75 mm or 10mm test tubes. Designed for use with the EBA 280 serofuge. Will fit your standard glass test tubes that are used for agglutination grading. The rotor was originally designed for decanting 12 x 75 test tubes during the AHG phase but is used primarily for blood bank serology. Rotor Head is fixed at an angle so that the cell button will not be disturbed before viewing. The Centrifuge head is removable for ease of use when grading multiple test tubes.

Rotor has plastic inserts that may be removed for larger diameter test tubes. Plastic inserts enable the technician to easily wash 12mm test tubes. The blood banker simply fills test tubes with saline, centrifuges, then dumps over test tubes to wash red cells.



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