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HETTICH EBA 280 CENTRIFUGE for laboratory




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The Hettich EBA 280 centrifuge is designed for use in blood banks. Its compact size and easy rotor change over make it the perfect centrifuge for the busy lab with limited space.

The Hettich EBA 280 offers a range of rotors that easily accommodate the diverse serology testing needed in blood banks. The centrifuge has the option for a decanting rotor that will spin 10 x 75 test tubes or a centrifuge head for solid phase strips. The Hettich EBA 280 will accommodate both fixed and swing out rotors for the separation of collection tubes. All types of rotors are very easy to detach and the swing out rotors include an integrated base on which the rotors can stand, which allows for loading outside of the centrifuge.

The Hettich EBA 280 Centrifuge is manufactured to very high standards and its compact design means that it will easily fit on the bench. The centrifuge is housed in a tough, epoxy coated casing that is coated with an impermeable paint making it very easy to keep clean. The control panel has easy to use, clearly defined large symbols and the digital interface has a sophisticated, built-in memory system. The advanced control system is designed to ensure precision and to limit the possibility of errors during testing. The centrifuge has the capacity to be programmed for multiple testing options. There is a washing phase of 1 minute or 25 seconds that can be used for low Ionic strength screen (LISS), which is programmable and easily executed using the decanting rotor. The display can be set to show the G force (RCF) or the RPM of test tubes during the spinning cycle.

Hettich EBA 280 centrifuge offers a choice of six rotors and it provides exceptional comfort for the user during use. The rapid changeover system makes changing from one rotor to another very fast and it can be done without any tools and with just one hand.

The rotor locks securely in place without the need for any tightening or screws. When used with the 1146 swing-out rotor and up to six 15ml tubes, the EBA 280 can achieve an RCF of 3,112. The Hettich EBA 280 is suitable for use in blood banks, medical diagnosis, research labs and for environmental analysis.

The sophisticated control system of the Hettich EBA 280 centrifuge is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is programmable and it has 10 memory slots. The parameters of time, RPM and RCF are very easy to set using the simple to use arrow keys and there is a choice of nine resp. ten ramps available for run-up and run-down times.

The centrifuge can be used with three angle rotors and three swing out rotors and with all the common blood collection tubes, screw-top tubes, urine tubes, and glass tubes up to 50ml may be used with the appropriate adapters. The centrifuge can also be used with the decanting rotor for cell washing.

Hettich EBA 280 Centrifuge is a compact, easy to use, and very reliable centrifuge with some very clever, innovative design features.

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