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Eppendorf Pipette Research Bundles


Eppendorf research pipette bundles are perfect for small medical or large research organizations. 

  • Ergonomic
  • Economic
  • Trusted Brand
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Removable Tip
  • Light Design
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Product Description

The Eppendorf pipette is the new standard in pipetting. The Eppendorf Research plus pipette is ultra-lightweight and it caters to the very highest needs of the laboratory in terms of accuracy and precision. The Eppendorf Research plus pipette is also well-known for its ergonomic design and the increased flexibility.

When you are working with an Eppendorf pipette, you know that you are working with one of the best pipettes on the market today. The pipette has a spring loaded cone, improved volume display, and a secondary adjustment option too. It’s also extremely light and it can be used in an autoclave.

The Eppendorf pipette is used in laboratories for numerous different types of tests, including serological titers and filling micro wells. In addition the Eppendorf pipette has been designed for durability and safety, a major part of the design focus has been on ergonomics. The Research Plus is practical and it is designed to protect the health of laboratory workers as they work daily with the pipette. Strain on the arm and the hands are greatly reduced by the pioneering and world renowned physical therapy concepts.

The Research Plus belongs to the Eppendorf pipette family that has been designed with the lowest weight and that require the lowest levels of force to operate. Such low levels of operational force can only be found in Eppendorf electronic pipettes. The spring loaded tip cone guarantees that only the very lowest ejection and tip attachment forces are needed. The Research Plus can also be autoclaved, without any need for dismantling it first. There are both multi channel and fixed-volume pipettes available in this range and we are confident that you will discover how indispensable the Research Plus pipette can be in a busy laboratory.

The outstanding features of these pipettes include the development of the super-lightweight Research Plus in accordance with the strict and demanding requirements laid down by the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept. The location and the shape of the buttons and the displays have been optimized specifically to provide stress-free operation of procedures and perfectly intuitive operation. The unique spring loaded tip cone, which is not available on the 5 ml and 10 ml pipettes, gives optimal pipette fit with a minimal insertion force. There is an adjustment option that allows the user to adapt the pipette perfectly to external conditions and for use with specific liquids. With the new feature of the volume setting, the Eppendorf Research Plus can be easily switched between minimum and maximum volumes with just a few simple turns. The 4-digit volume display is a magnifying display to make the readings easier to see and it makes the settings of volume much simpler than ever before and very accurate. There is also quick lock feature on all models except the 5 ml and 10 ml pipettes that makes the lower section of the pipette very easy to remove and service.

Some of the many applications of the Eppendorf Research Plus include forward pipetting, reverse pipetting, removal of supernates, phase extraction, sample mixing, filling of micro plates, gels, and reaction vessels, and volume determination.


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