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Listed is the Boekel dry heat incubator heat block.
Made in America
2 year warranty

Heat blocks are listed below.
Boekel Scientific Analog Dry Block Heaters are designed for a variety of applications, including AHG test, absorption’s and cold autos. These units provide an excellent value with a adjustable temperature range and rapid heat-up, making them ideal for virtually every application. This unit is available in one, two, or four block capacity formats to accommodate any lab size. The 13mm dry heat block is recommended for blood banking applications. (Part #110013)

The Single Block Heater features an Ambient +5° to 150°C temperature range, while the Analog 2 Block and 4 Block models feature a temperature range of Ambient +5° to 130°C .All units offer a temperature uniformity of ±0.50° at 37°C. Also integrated into the quality design of these units is an over-temp safety feature providing safe heating of all samples.

Boekel offers the complete spectrum of Dry Block Modules to accommodate solid phase plates, test tubes and conicals up to 25mm in diameter. Each precision machined solid aluminum block is anodized to resist corrosion and features alpha/numeric labeled rows and columns for simple vessel identification. Additionally, each Module features a well for a thermometer (not included) and a block extractor hole. They are interchangeable between the Analog and Digital Dry Block Heaters (see 35790-000 series).

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Product Description

Dry Heat Block made by Boekel.

For use in blood banks, reference labs, hospitals and universities. Adjustable knob to set temperature to desired setting.  For incubating glass culture tubes used in blood banks.


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