Vortex Mixer

Bench Mark Vortex for medical laboratory


  • Reversible top platform, cup or flat-dimpled surface
  • Powerful motor for INSTANT vortexing
  • Continuous or “touch” operation
  • Q-Drive™ dynamic balancing system
  • Variable speed from 200 to 3200 rpm
  • Wide variety of accessories, for tubes up to 50ml
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Product Description

The Vortex Mixer utilizes a smooth and powerful mixing technology. The unique design has a  reversible rubber head that can be attached to the mixer in two orientations. For the vortexing of single tubes, the cupped surface would generally be preferred. However, for applications requiring a flat/dimpled surface for mixing uniquely shaped vessels (or a handful of multiple test-tubes), the head can easily be flipped over and reattached in reverse orientation.

Like the original BenchMixer, the drive system is balanced with Q-Drive™ technology, providing a smooth vortexing action, while minimizing noise and excessive vibration. This results in quieter, more efficient and longer lasting operation. With a maximum speed up to 3,200 rpm, the mixer provides an instant vortex of even the largest sample sizes, including full 50ml tubes.

Additional Information


BenchMixer V2 Vortex Mixer with reversible top, Optional combination head for one microplate & microtubes (38×1.5 & 28×0.5), Optional attachment, 12 x 1.5ml, horizontal, Optional attachment for 4 x 15ml, horizontal, Optional attachment for 2 x 50ml, horizontal, Optional attachment for 12 x 15ml, Optional attachment for 5 x 50ml,


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